Noohkema Game Studios today unveiled a long-awaited teaser trailer confirming the development of Afro Warriors: Battle for Power, that will be released early in 2020.

Although more details about the game features will be revealed later in the campaign. Afro Warriors: Battle for Power, a fighting game featuring the deities and heroes of Africa.This game will be the very first fighting game, ranking in the category of games such as Street Figthter and Mortal Kombat, but featuring Africa, its landscapes, martial techniques etc... It has been designed with the DNA of eSport game; with Afro Warriors, our structure comes to propose the very first game made in Africa intended for eSport competitions and tournaments. Watch the clip:


  • 10uniques powerful characters
  • 5 colorful fighting arena inspired by mythics places in Africa
  • Amaizing soundtracks
  • Multiplayer and competition support

Developed in partnership with MTN Group, Noohkema Game Studios is becoming a premier content provider with addictive and high end gaming content for Telecoms Operators in Cameroon.